In September 2012, my partner, Kate Clayton, began a Masters in Fine Art at Dundee Art College. As a writer and photographer, I followed her every step of the way, from tentative beginnings - when she had no art practise to speak of - to fully realised final degree show in the summer of 2014. The starting point of the installation below is a postcard Kate received from her grandmother in 1960.


Half way through the course, Kate's father died. The picture below is of the top of a box containing thirty-odd A3 sheets that record conversations she had with him in the last week of his life, when George had lost control of his mind. The conversations - together with Kate's stream-of-consciousness memories of her father - are overlain onto photographs of the nursing home where they took place.

P1103655 - Version 4

The website is called Strange Bundle, partly because there is a variety of different stuff going on. But mostly it portrays Kate making use of her past to enliven the present, and has me behind the scenes making use of Kate's appearance, personality and ideas towards the same end.

Now that Kate's MFA is complete, she and I have begun to put some time into a new initiative, running an art residency from our home. Details of the residency and how to apply for it can be found