Evelyn! Rhapsody for an Obsessive Love, Harbour Books

George MacDonald 1824-1905, Deveron Arts

Looking For Enid The Mysterious and Inventive Life of Enid Blyton. Portobello Books

The Strangled Cry of the Writer-in-Residence, Grizedale Arts

Personal Delivery, Quartet Books.


2020 (begun 2012)
Evelyn Waugh: Introduction, Investigation, Treasure Trove, Day Trips, Time Travel, Rhapsody

2020 (begun 2016)
Kate Clayton: We are Going to Live Such Lives

2019 (begun 2012).
Looking For Enid: Blyton Forever

2019 (begun 2013)
Scenes from the Passion. Unofficial guide to the paintings of George Shaw

2018 (begun 2014)
Pat is Back


2017 (begun 2010)
Visiting Mabel. 101 blogs

2014 (begun 2012)
Strange Bundle

Unofficial Guide to Nobson Newtown


2016: Feature on Turner prizewinning group Assemble for Newsweek

2015: Feature on The Line of Beauty: The Lovers, 1943 Magazine

2007. Guest-editor for issue 9 of MAP devoted to contemporary art meets the Scottish Enlightenment

2005-7. Journey feature for issue 1-8 of MAP

2001-2004. Reviews and features for Art Review.

1999-2003. Features for
CVA (later Contemporary Visual Arts, later Contemporary.)

1999-2001. Fortnightly review section for Independent on Sunday

1998-99. Weekly column called ‘Public View’ for
Independent on Sunday.


2016. For Gavin Wade in
Upcycle this Book, Bookworks

2011. For Tracey Mackenna and Edwin Janssen in
Exhibitions 11, HICA

2008. For Nathalia Edenmont in
Still Life, Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm.

2006. For Per Huttner in
I Am Not A Curator, Chisenhale Gallery, London

2006. For Laura Ford in
Armour Boys, RSA, Edinburgh

2005. For Louise K. Wilson in
A Record of Fear, Commissions East, Cambridge.

2004. For Per Huttner in
Per Huttner, Curatorial Mutiny, Stockholm.

2004. For Neal Beggs in
Moving Sideways, Le Grand Café, Nantes.

2003. For Roxy Walsh in
INFALLIBLE: In Search of the Real George Eliot, ARTicle Press, University of Central England.

2003. For Sharon Kivland in
Transmission, Sheffield University

2002. For Gavin Wade in
Strike, University of Wolverhampton

2001. For Bill Drummond in
Stay Here and Make Art, Penkiln Burn.

2001. For Nina Pope in
A Public Auction of Private Art Works, Commissions East, Cambridge.

2001. For Neal Beggs in
Corridor, CCA

2000. For five artists graduating from the Glasgow MFA, Tramway.

2000. For the BA Fine Art and Art History course, Goldsmiths College


2019. On Evelyn Waugh’s
Scoop fror Chapping Campden Literary Festival

2015: On
Evelyn! For Appledore Literary Festival

2015: On
Evelyn! For Toppings Bookshop, St. Andrews.

2015: ‘Between a Rock and a Hard Place’ for Evelyn Waugh Symposium, Leicester University.

2011: On
Evelyn! For Richmond Literary Frestival

2011: On
Evelyn! for Evelyn Waugh Symposium, Downside College, Somerset.

2009: On art writing, for Edinburgh School of Art

2009: On art writing for Gray’s School of Art

2008: On
Looking For Enid for a private society in York

2007: On
Looking For Enid for Wigton Book Festival

2007: On
Looking For Enid for the Enid Blyton Society

2000: On
Personal Delivery for Goldsmiths